Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Easy, Easy, Yogurt

When my kids were little, I used to make yogurt on a regular basis.Back then I had to sterilize all the jars, heat the milk, use the thermometer, strain it because I like mine thicker and on and on.   Some chores I look back upon with fond happy memories, but yogurt making is not one of them. 

My youngest daughter has been making yogurt for her family lately and I decided that I should try my hand again.  I asked her for her recipe since she keeps saying how easy it is.  She uses the crockpot.  I thought sure she was going to tell me to clean jars and measure water.   I couldn’t get it through my head that she just pours the milk into the crockpot.  Wow!

The rest of the process was just as easy.  I took a picture of the ingredients, but forgot to set-out the powdered milk.  She told me to add it since I like a thicker yogurt.  So add it in if you want.   She didn’t really have measurements, she just throws it in, but I measured everything out.   I added the powdered milk and it was really thick and nice.  Wow, my little girl grew up pretty smart!

Crockpot Yogurt

2 quarts milk

½ c. plain yogurt

Optional - add up to 1 cup dry powdered milk to make a thicker yogurt (I used 1 cup.)

1)     Heat milk in slow cooker for 2 ½ hours on low.  Whisk in powdered milk, if desired.

2)     Turn off heat and unplug.  Let sit 3 hours.

3)     Whisk in ½ cup plain yogurt.  Wrap entire slow cooker in a bath towel.  Let sit without disturbing for 8 hours.  (Overnight is great.)

4)      Strain if desired.

Be sure to save ½ cup yogurt for your next batch.

Yogurt with Cherry Pie Filling 

I couldn't wait to try some.  I scooped up some and put on a dollup of cherry pie filling. It was really good!  Saved me from the cherry pie I was planning on.  Yum!!

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