Thursday, February 7, 2013

What's in a Name?

Of course, the answer is everything.  What if your loved one forgets your name?  I  want the answer to be, celebrate because he still knows me.  Sorry, wrong answer.  My husband can't remember my name, at tomes.  It doesn't worry him, for which I am grateful.

The progression of the disease of Alzheimer's is cruel and ongoing.  I can choose to be bitter, or I can try to find a way to live with it.  Living with the disease and trying to help my husband be a productive member of the family, as long as he is able, has been my ongoing goal.  That has been the need he has expressed since the beginning of this journey.

My daughter, always says her name when she talks to him.  She says he hasn't known her name for a long time.  I have a hard time imagining me saying, "I'm Debbie" every time I talk to him,  Of course, I really couldn't imagine doing all this Alzheimer's Disease stuff either, so I will work on toughening up some and do what I need to do.

Please leave a commit or suggestions.  Stay well.  Thanks, Debbie

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