Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mint Tea

We grow lots of mint in our backyard.  We didn't set out to grow a lot, but that's what happens when you plant mint.  I had a small space that I had envisioned it to hold all of my herbs.  I put a root or 2 of mint on 1 end and lemon balm on the other, planted the rest of the herbs in between.  In about 5 years time the mint is winning and the lemon balm is coming in at a close second.  I have had to move the rest of the herbs to a space near my backdoor.  Yes, dad, I know you told me so!  Of course, the move for my other herbs works out better, since my herbs are closer to the kitchen.  I can just step outside and snip off a little bit as I am cooking. 

I have been collecting mint recipes for obvious reasons.  There are many uses of mint.  Sometimes, I just bring some in, crush it a little, and lay it around.  It smells really good.  I gather a large amount of mint early in the day.  I cut the steams close to the ground.   I wash the mint in cold water and pick off the dead leaves.   Then, I shake the extra water off and wrap it in a kitchen towel and place in the refrigerator.  I can keep the mint in the refrigerator for several days and use as needed.  

We do not generally buy soda pop.  Water and coffee are usually our choices for drinks at my house, but mint tea is an alternate that is great during the hot days of summer and so easy to make.  Here is a simple use of mint (not really a recipe) that is a great addition to a frugal, simple life.  

Mint Tea 

When I want mint tea, I put fresh water in my tea pot and bring to a boil.  I leave some room at the top of the teapot.  Then I turn it off and put in 4 tea bags.  I let it steep for a few minutes and then shove in as much of the mint as I can, without overflowing the tea.  I always use the stems and the leaves, but you can use just the leaves.  I let these steep and cool on the stove.  Then I pour it into a  pitcher.  Since the tea will be concentrated, I add enough water to my liking.  I like tea really strong, but when I am serving it to guests, I dilute it a little more.  A nice touch for the ice cubes would be to add a small spring of mint, add water and freeze.   Add the ice cubes to a glass.  Just pour over ice and sweeten to taste.  A little mint sprig and you are all set.  Ah, so refreshing!

I will add more mint recipes and ideas as we get more into spring.  What are your favorite ways to use mint?  Please share. 


  1. I have found in the past that a small piece of mint in your mouth relieves thirst for times when drinking isn't really desirable(like in the car on long trips). Great blog Deb!


    1. Thanks, Melody. That is a good idea. I love the smell and taste of mint. Debbie