Friday, April 6, 2012

Playing with your food.

Being frugal doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun.  I am planning on having Easter dinner at my house this year and I was looking for something different for our feast.    Last Sunday, my  Church had an Easter egg hunt and lunch for the children and their parents, so I volunteered to bring a Bunny Bread vegetable tray and Deviled Easter Chicks.   I found the recipes/directions for the bread at and the chicks  They were both pretty easy to make, but I have some tips to make them easier and frugal.

Bunny Bread

There is a really easy to follow video showing how to form the bunny on the website.  The directions say to use frozen bread, but to make it frugal, I used my favorite bread recipe.  Then, I just followed the directions.  I used a milk wash to give the bread a finished look.  After the bread bakes a short while, I put a little milk into a bowl and then brushed the surface of the bunny.    I made the bread the day before I needed it.  I waited to cut the hole in the tummy until right before I was ready to serve, then I put the spinach dip right into the hole.   I made spinach dip because I thought that would be the kind of dip[ that a bunny would want to have in his tummy.  I didn’t think the children would like the spinach dip so we had another kind for them.   There wasn't any dip left, so someone liked it.  Of course, there wasn’t much of the bunny left either.

Deviled Chick Eggs

The eggs were a little harder to make.  The recipe suggests to slice a little off the large end of the egg so that it sits upright.   That was easy to do, but sometimes I cut too much off, then it left a hole in the bottom when I took out the yolk, so I had to be careful there.  The next part was not as easy.  To get the yolk out, make sure you cut lower down on the egg.  I had to break the yolk up a little to get it out.  I did find that the egg whites need to be chilled so they are easier to manipulate.  Also, make sure the egg yolk mixture is thick enough to mold into a chick.  I used small pieces of carrots for the beak and small pieces of black olives for the eyes.  I went through a lot of eggs figuring out how to get the yolk out.  I used the rest of the carrot on the bunny bread vegetable tray.  Cutting my own vegetables to use on the tray is a frugal move also.  We had egg salad sandwiches the next day with my practice pieces.  The reactions from the egg hunters made the chicks worth the trouble.  

I can't wait to serve these holiday treats to my family.  Yum!

If you are serving something fun at your holiday, please share.

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