Sunday, May 6, 2012

Orange Cleaner

This is a great cleaner.  I have been slowly replacing the cleaning products that I buy from the store with products I put together at home.  Mostly  I use vinegar and water for cleaning, but for some reason I don't like to use it in my mop water.  This recipe smells so much better.  I found  this cleaner on another blog .  You might want to check out the site.

We compost, so I don't feel like the orange peels were being  wasted when they are tossed in with the other food scraps, but this seems to make even better use of them.  I often candy orange peels to use in cooking, but the process is time consuming and I don't use most of my peels in this way.  Now I am happy to toss the peels into the jar and know they are being put to a great use.

Peel the oranges and throw peels into a jar.  
Pour enough vinegar to cover.  Continue to fill the jar with peels and vinegar and let sit 2 weeks. 
Shake occasionally.  
Strain the vinegar and return to jar.  
When you use the cleaner, dilute with 3 parts  water.  
I pour about 1 cup undiluted into 2 gallons of mop water to clean my floors. I sometimes add 1 squirt of Dawn Detergent if my floor is really dirty.

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