Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I make salsa from the fresh tomatoes I grow in the summer.  I don't buy tomatoes in the winter.  I use the tomatoes that I put up for the winter.  This is a good substitute for fresh salsa.  The recipe uses tomatoes from a can.  If you can your own tomatoes or freeze them, you could use them.   I like this recipe since it uses parsley.  I don't care for cilantro, but you could use add cilantro with the parsley to taste.  When you make your own salsa you can adjust to your own taste.  Enjoy!



         1 1/2 cans canned tomatoes with juice 
          fresh or canned jalapeno pepper to taste, chopped
         1 small onion, chopped
         2 T. lemon juice
         2 cloves garlic peeled
        1/4 cup snipped fresh parsley 
          1 teaspoon salt (or to taste) 
        1/2  teaspoon pepper
         3 dashes Tabasco Sauce

·          Add all ingredients in food processor for just a few seconds
for chunky salsa or a bit longer for a smoother texture.

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