Saturday, June 9, 2012

Oh the Unexpected!

I know that unexpected stuff is going to happen with Alzheimer's, but somehow I never expect it.   One evening, my husband was getting ready for bed and was fixing a dish of food for the dog.  He put the food into a glass bowl. 

I gave up a  long time ago having rules for things. Once upon a time the rule was; soup was eaten from bowls, silverware was put back into the silverware drawer, and dog food went into dog dishes.  Simple rules, actually.   Now days anything goes. 

In this house the Alzheimer's rule is foremost, stay safe.  So putting dog food in any dish in the cabinet works, as long as you don't get hurt.  So the unexpected - my husband fell, the dish crashed to the floor and his hand slammed down on top of a glass shard.

We have plastic dishes for the dog.  How do I get him to use the plastic?  I don't, unless I follow him around or hide all of the glass.  Of course this is probably a one time event.  Not the falling.  He has fallen before since he has been sick and I know he will fall again.

Can I keep him safe from everything?  How can I keep him safe?  I don't have the answers.  

He likes to help out.   Do I take every shred of independence from him?  I strive to keep him as involved as I can.  I want him to feel as productive as he can, for as long as he can.  His desire through all this has been to continue to take care of our family.

I still think some independence is okay.  I think it is my job to keep him safe, but I can't  always control the outcome.  The unexpected will happen.  I think the way I respond is the key.  

He fell.  There was a lot of blood and the cut seemed pretty deep.  I helped him up, wrapped his hand, helped him put his shoes on, and tried to help keep him calm. We had a quick trip to the ER.  He had stitches.  This wasn't a fun evening, but it seems to be a part of our new normal.  

Expect the unexpected!

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